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Establishing a U.S. Entity – A Primer for Israeli Digital Health Start-Ups

Had a fabulous experience serving as faculty on the topic of Establishing a U.S. Entity  for Tel Aviv University’s annual 4-day bootcamp, Health Care Technological Innovation – From Idea to Commercialization, hosted by the Lahav Executive Program for Biotechnology, Medical Device and Health IT Entrepreneurs and Managers at the Coller School of Management.  This unique intensive program focuses…

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CMS Reimbursement is a Key Start-up Strategy

Note this important commentary on the key role of CMS in the U.S. Healthcare system.  Pivoting to start-ups, it is vital that entrepreneurs plan from day 1, the pathway to CMS reimbursement.    

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AI Lab discovers rapid model for Protein structure

Artificial Intelligence is accelerating the path toward drug development, including vaccines.  Neural networks modeled on the human brain learn skills by analyzing Big Data.  In the Digital Health space, AI is being used in numerous ways from virtual assistants for physicians to forging a patient’s personalized medical journey.  

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Entrepreneurs take Tik Tok Houses Public

A new breed of entrepreneurs is investing in social media stars, yielding volatile penny stock investments that are attracting teenagers.  West of Hudson Group operates a network of content houses where many influencers live and has taken them public through a blank check company.  This new trend seems to be begging for better scrutiny from…

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“Comparable Worth” Law Rectifies Gender Discrimination

The concept of “Comparable Worth” as a way to equalize gender pay under Title VII has been discarded by US courts as too murky to implement.  Meanwhile, in New Zealand, a woman-led government is finally making it law.  It is about time that so-called “women’s work” is recognized and compensated for its skillful value-add.

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Opening The Digital Front Door in Telehealth

The “Digital Front Door” is a new integrated digital experience that empowers people to take an active role in managing their health.  It is based on the use of personalized mobile and web platforms, many of them created by start-ups.  Spurred by COVID-19, established healthcare systems have forged relationships with these start-ups, opening the door to enhanced care.

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