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Resources and Alliances Across the U.S. and Abroad

Alliances in the Business and Law Ecosystem

Carolyn Hochstadter serves as the full time managing partner of her boutique law firm, functioning as a “solo practitioner” within the context of a vast cohort of professional and business alliances across the country and abroad.  This model enables us to provide clients with direct access to the full spectrum of large multi-national firm know-how combined with the personalized attention, reliability and price point experience of a local small firm.

Boutique Big Law firms with Niche Practice Areas

Carolyn has alliances with a nationwide network of highly credentialed solo and boutique firm attorneys with Big Law, In-House, Government and Non-Profit backgrounds in all areas of the law.  These associations enable our firm and all member counsel to draw upon our collective expertise and resources to offer clients large firm capabilities combined with small firm efficiencies and quick access to a one-stop shop team of attorneys providing a concierge menu of sophisticated service.

Women Owned Law and Legal Services Firms

Carolyn is a member of the Executive Board and Chair of the Regional Council Committee of Women Owned Law (WOL), a diverse nationwide network of highly credentialed entrepreneurial women owned law and legal services firms.  This robust alliance is comprised of solo and boutique firms with a collective experience in the private, public and academic sectors.  As a member, our firm can capitalize on WOL’s ecosystem of professional service providers in the Law, Accounting, Insurance, Consultant, Provider, Vendor, and other supporting members, equipping our firm with facile access to resources at price points that work for our clients.   Many of WOL’s members are certified as women or minority owned business entities, leveraging our firm’s diversity engagement capabilities.

Entrepreneurial Community of Women Business Owners

Carolyn serves as a legal advisor to Brazen, a community of women entrepreneurs, boldly exploring, developing and scaling their business enterprises in different growth stages.  Carolyn provides advice in the area of entrepreneurship, providing the firm access to an expanding national network of start-up and emerging growth companies, as well as  attendant investor and professionals within that ecosystem. 

Practice-Specific Legal Trade Associations

Carolyn Hochstadter is a member of numerous professional legal trade associations, which broadens the firm’s ability to provide on-point counsel tailored to the client’s particularized legal and factual issues, as well as the relevant judicial and geographical venue.

The Pennsylvania Bar Association

Carolyn is a member of the Pennsylvania Bar Association’s Solo and Small Firm Committee and is active on its list-serve.  This association provides our firm with statewide resources, ranging across Pennsylvania’s widely dispersed counties, municipalities and district courts, and comprising hands-on access to state statutes, case law, treatises and legislative updates.

The Philadelphia Bar Association 

Carolyn is a member of the Philadelphia Bar Association’s Solo, Small and Mid-Size Management and International Law Committees.  The association provides our firm an entry point to a community of active participants in Philadelphia’s legal and financial services ecosystem.  In addition, through its committee affiliations, the firm benefits from exposure to legal updates on local, foreign and international law. 

The Eastern District of Pennsylvania Bankruptcy Conference

Carolyn is a member of the Eastern District of Pennsylvania Bankruptcy Conference Philadelphia-based group of legal and financial turnaround professionals.  This affiliation provides our firm with access to the practitioners and resources in the local bankruptcy space, as well as the opportunity to meet with the judiciary on an informal basis to discuss developments in bankruptcy law and procedure in the Delaware Valley.

The National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys (NACBA)

Carolyn is a member of the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys, a national organization focused on bankruptcy cases filed by individual persons.   Our firm benefits from a host of well-heeled resources provided by NACBA, including numerous valuable discussion communities among different practice areas, legislative lobbying, case law, statutory and think-tank updates, all backed by experienced practitioners and academics dedicated to this space.

The American Bankruptcy Institute (ABI)

Carolyn is a member of the American Bankruptcy Institute, a national organization comprising both commercial and consumer bankruptcy practitioners.  Our firm is empowered daily with cutting edge news on the latest developments in bankruptcy, consumer and fintech law, as well as the ability to navigate a sophisticated website and other publications, encompassing the wide variety of requisite resources for a successful bankruptcy practice.

International Chambers of Commerce and Economic Attachés

Carolyn Hochstadter is a member of numerous international Chambers of Commerce and connected with foreign Economic Ministry Envoys, all collectively promoting business collaboration between their host country and the U.S. with an emphasis on the Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, D.C., New York and Eastern Seaboard ecosystems. In addition, they often co-host joint events with other foreign Chambers in Philadelphia, thus broadening our firm’s international presence in the local market.

The Philadelphia-Israel Chamber of Commerce (PICC)

Carolyn is a member of the Executive Board and the Technology and Innovation Committee of the Philadelphia Israel Chamber of Commerce dedicated to fostering business relationships and growth between the greater Delaware Valley and Israel.   Carolyn represented our firm as a Delegate to the Pennsylvania Business Mission to Israel 2017  and connected with players in the Israeli start-up space, including the founders of Start-Up Nation Central, a platform enabling Israeli entrepreneurs to navigate their own ecosystem and serving as a prototype for other similar ecosystems.  Carolyn was also a participant in the PICC Digital Health Conference co-sponsored by its Board member Jefferson University in 2017 and host to the signing of an MOU between the Commonwealth and Israel to cement and foster their relationship in the innovation space. 

The French American Chamber of Commerce (FACC)


Carolyn is a member of the French American Chamber of Commerce, an organization dedicated to fostering business relationships between France and Philadelphia.  Its members include France’s Honorary Consul, as well as French lawyers and interns.  Our firm counsels corporate client members regarding their business start-ups and branches, as well as entity set-up for non-immigrant visa purposes.  Carolyn has also presented in French to the Parisian community on the topic of setting up a business in the U.S. together with a panel of immigration lawyers and business planners with whom she collaborates in this space.

Le Cercle Professionnel de Philadelphie 


Carolyn is an active participant in Le Cercle Professionnel de Philadelphie, a group, whose mission is to connect French professionals and entrepreneurs and promote their work in Philadelphia.   Our firm’s affiliation with this association provides us with an ear to the ground on the pulse of the French business start-up and business community locally and abroad.

The Quebec Government Office in New York

As Carolyn is originally from Montreal, Quebec, she has developed a working alliance with The Quebec Government Economic Office in New York.  Our firm participated in Quebec Day hosted by the City of Philadelphia’s Commerce Department.   We look forward to the continued promotion of cross-border business between these two entities.

The State of Hungary’s Embassy to Israel

Through her family roots and Israeli connections, Carolyn has forged ties with Hungary through its attachés in The State of Hungary’s Embassy to Israel , having presented to its Trade Delegation to the Axis Tel Aviv 2017 Conference.  
Our firm is now working with Hungary’s trade/economic and scientific/technology attachés to connect U.S., Hungarian and Israeli companies and foster business in all three regions.

The Women’s Business Enterprise National Council

Our firm is a certified member of The Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC), the largest third-party certifier of businesses owned, controlled, and operated by women in the U.S. and providing both Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE) and Women Owned Small Business Entity (WOSB) certification.  Equipped with these certifications and WBENC introductions, our firm has been able to partner on projects with Corporate and Government Members, other WBEs, Regional Partner Organizations (RPOs) and members of its Alliance relationships.