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Testimonials from Clients, CLE Attendees and Students


"It was a pleasure working with Carolyn.  She was referred to me by another attorney, and I could not have been paired with better counsel.

Carolyn’s approach allayed my concerns about my ability to salvage a transaction after a co-investor filed for Chapter 13.  She was straight-forward and concise.  She also answered all my questions, provided me with clear direction and always conveyed the various options I had for proceeding.  She was forthcoming with information, provided timely updates and guided me, step-by-step through the process.

In addition, she was patient and caring.  No question, she was in my corner.

I would definitely retain her services again and recommend her to any of my close friends and family.

Carla Pagan, Philadelphia, PA



"Carolyn is always communicative and prompt. Beyond her legal work, she has truly looked out for our business by connecting us with the highest-level professionals in Philadelphia in other areas of our business needs." 

John Paulas, PhD and Vanessa Davies, PhD

Co-founders PhD Matters Ltd.


"It was truly a pleasure working with Carolyn.  If you're looking for a lawyer who's achieved a broad spectrum of knowledge, and who's available and extremely attentive to details, this is your woman!"

Dr. Dana Mincer, Greenhouse Integrative Medicine

Family Practitioner and Medical Marijuana Provider


“I'd have to say it again...WOW. You are wonderful. I believe your competence and skills will make this happen. Yes, I'm optimistic after reading this, you rock! Both Nick and I are very grateful that we were introduced to you - you were the key in getting this pool fixed. You got the results we needed!

I'm going to miss you Carolyn. You are exactly what we needed and you ‘got it done.’ If we ever have the need for legal representation in the future I'm calling you.

Elaine Park, Hatboro, PA


“Carolyn was a life-saver. She has an incredible knowledge of the law that she used to provide sound and solid advice. She was always available and responsive to my needs. The longer I worked with Carolyn the more secure I felt about my future. I would recommend her to my friends and family.”

Jason Goodson, Principal, Jason T. Goodson, LLC, Philadelphia, PA 



“We were very pleased with Carolyn's representation of our company in the U.S. She both drafted an employment agreement for a U.S. team member and assisted with a PA filing. We especially appreciated Carolyn's ability to seamlessly transition French business concepts to their English equivalents, as well as her very prompt and responsive communications.

Stéphane Déchelotte, Président Directeur Général, ProSim SA & ProSim, lnc., Philadelphia & France


“I had worked with Carolyn on a complicated contractual matter involving intellectual property, antitrust and foreign legal implications, among other things. I found her to be extremely well versed in such contracts and her input was creative and valuable. I would certainly recommend her for complex transactions.”


“Carolyn, I wanted to take a moment and sincerely thank you for your representation in a judgment that was filed against my company. It was a matter that we both felt was unjust, but nevertheless still needed to be defended. From our first discussion I felt very comfortable speaking with you about the case and very appreciative you took the time to discuss the matter along with the possible outcomes and the defenses. I find dealing with attorneys very nerve racking but I found you to be very upfront, extremely intelligent, and very sincere. 

I thought you handled the case very well along with interactions with other attorneys while always trying your best to get the case dismissed or coming to a settlement. From day one I felt you had my best intentions and concerns about finances in mind when handling the case. I am pleased with your thoroughness, kindness and overall experience; and all this from someone who was always scared to death to deal with a lawyer. Thank you again Carolyn for your help in getting this case dismissed.”

Bill Pargoe, Vice President, Network Flooring & Maintenance, Townsend, DE


“Carolyn expertly helped us navigate the complicated process of becoming certified as a woman owned business. We're very grateful!”

Haskel Weiss, Owner, Fun and Function LLC



Jenkins Law Library CLE: Critical Legal Concerns Facing Entrepreneurs

“Carolyn is the best presenter of all the classes I've attended at Jenkins.”

“This is one of the best-organized and most-knowledgeable presenters I've seen in any CLE forum.”

“Your presentation at the seminar was terrific and the related materials are first-rate. Thank you! I wish the coverage of the SEC provisions I suffered through in law school had been half as clear, concise, and practical as your presentation was. Bravo!”

Aaron T. Kanar, Esq. L.L.C.

“Good starting points if you wanted to start a small business.”


Wharton Legal Aspects of Entrepreneurship Course

“Since graduation, I've been working in commercial banking. LGST 213 set me up well in my role - knowing the key differences between all the business forms, Chapter 7 vs. Chapter 11 bankruptcy, and obviously all the loan terminology comes up on a daily basis. I'm really glad I took your class!”

Sean Bivins, Credit Program Analyst, Wells Fargo

Student, Wharton ‘17


“For any entrepreneur at Penn, this is a MUST TAKE class.”

“Professor Hochstadter, in my opinion, is everything a great teacher should be. She is highly knowledgeable about the subject matter and very effective at communicating the concepts. Equally important is the enthusiasm and energy that she brought to class every day. I think Penn would be a lot better if all professors were like Professor Hochstadter.

“Prof. H is one of my favorite professors at Penn. You learn a lot of valuable things like stock, laws, and contracts for employment.”

“Professor Hochstadter was perhaps the most available professor I've ever had.”

Prof. Hochstadter is incredible. I loved her class.”

I found this course to have opened my eyes to the many different legal complexities behind starting and running a business. Coming into the course, I was looking to learn about legal aspects of venture capital, mergers and acquisitions, and private equity. I found all these topics to have been covered in a way that was relatively easy to understand. I also was particularly engaged with the information taught about employment law. The lectures about the various protections existing about discrimination and other basic employment law concepts really drove home the importance of being sensitive to one's conduct in the workplace.”

“Hochstadter is very organized, which is nice.”