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Sample Cases

French Company U.S. Start-up

Advised a French corporation as to operational issues for its Philadelphia affiliate.  Drafted State filings and an Employment Agreement for a Sales specialist, as well as a Telecommuting Policy and Agreement for an Ohio employee.  Assisted with Workers’ Compensation compliance.

Non-Immigrant Visa Entity

Assisted Chinese and European clients seeking non-immigrant L, E and other visas for Owners and Employees to set up branch and stand-alone Companies in the Pennsylvania region. Drafted organizational documents.

Joint Venture Intellectual Property Agreements

Drafted Cross-border Agreements between U.S. and Chinese companies to collaborate on the manufacture and purchase of specialized chemical products involving intellectual property and trade secret issues.

Equipment Lease Litigation

Successfully  defended an action against a copier Lessee for an alleged default renewal and purchase, despite the Lessee's attempts to return the copier during the initial lease term. The action was dismissed on Statute of Limitations grounds. The Lessor's Equitable Estoppel argument was overruled.

Equity Restructure for WBE

Assisted a WBE company with a second round equity grant to an employee as a form of incentive compensation.

Professional Practice Formation

Advise/d Professional Practitioners, including Architects and Psychologists as to setting up Limited Liability Companies with single or multiple equity owners.

Pharmaceutical Consulting Contract

Drafted Independent Contractor Agreements on behalf of a Pharmaceutical Consultant providing for industry-specific Non-compete, Confidentiality, Invention Assignment, Adverse litigation, Compensation, and Benefit terms.

Angel Financing Ouster

Assisted an Angel investor with a dispute regarding the illegality of a surprise prepayment to eliminate the Angel in a new financing round.

Cross-Border Litigation

Assisted Examiner to defend a suit for allegedly Libelous language in his Expert Report. Defenses included international service matters.

C-Suite Employment Strategy

Advised the CEO of a start-up Internet company as to his long-term share of the capital structure, as well as to an Employment Contract, Indemnification Agreement and Benefits Plan.

Residential Construction Dispute

Assisted individuals to successfully navigate the process of their pool company's re-do of faulty Construction work.   Issues involved sub-par installation of new tile, concrete and plaster, destruction of working parts, and unauthorized credit card charges.

Small Business and Chapter 7 Equity Owner

Restored 100% ownership to the founder of a closely held business, as well as financing viability for the entity, by filing and settling a Motion to Abandon an Equity interest in the co-founder's Chapter 7 Bankruptcy case.

Real Estate Ponzi Scheme: From Chapter 11 to 7

Negotiated a global settlement on behalf of a REIT in its capacities as Real Property Owner, Sub-tenant and Sub-landlord of Master Leases and Subleases in a Bankruptcy case comprising 25-plus Real Estate partnerships.

Retail Financing and Buy-out

Preserved Chapter 11 Debtor-in-Possession Barney's substantial investment value in a large volume of Retail Equipment subject to Financing Leases.

Management Inter-State Transition

Facilitated the Inter-state transition of a Company Manager by moving from ownership to rental of his primary residence and handling a Condominium mortgage foreclosure in the venue of his prior home via a Chapter 7 case.

Municipal Healthcare in Philadelphia

Oversaw a $2 million settlement of the City of Philadelphia's claims against the AHERF entities for taxes, charges, contracts and grants.

Securities Laws, Disgorgement Suits and Safe Harbor Defenses

Settled fraudulent transfer and preference actions brought by Chapter 11 Debtor-in-Possession Enron against a securities clearinghouse.

Equity Committee/Regulatory

Achieved meaningful value for the equity security holders of Columbia Gas by negotiating a sophisticated debt restructuring as part of a Chapter 11 Plan.

Personal and Business Restructuring

Assisted a small business founder to obtain a fresh start by Unwinding his Business under State law and filing personally for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy.

Asset Planning and Foreclosure

Counseled an individual as to Asset-preservation issues in Pennsylvania concerning an out-of-state Mortgage Foreclosure on a home co-owned with his ex-spouse.