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Establishing a U.S. Entity – A Primer for Israeli Digital Health Start-Ups

Had a fabulous experience serving as faculty on the topic of Establishing a U.S. Entity  for Tel Aviv University’s annual 4-day bootcamp, Health Care Technological Innovation – From Idea to Commercialization, hosted by the Lahav Executive Program for Biotechnology, Medical Device and Health IT Entrepreneurs and Managers at the Coller School of Management.  This unique intensive program focuses…

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Opening The Digital Front Door in Telehealth

The “Digital Front Door” is a new integrated digital experience that empowers people to take an active role in managing their health.  It is based on the use of personalized mobile and web platforms, many of them created by start-ups.  Spurred by COVID-19, established healthcare systems have forged relationships with these start-ups, opening the door to enhanced care.

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Venture Debt is a Growing Option for Start-ups

Venture Debt is a growing option for start-ups to access growth capital, while maintaining founder equity.  The terms of Venture Debt include fixed repayment with interest secured by company assets, with a mild equity twist.  This is a welcome trend, although piggy-backing on the prior infusion and support of Venture Capital.  

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Hybrid Independent Contractor Model Emerges

Uber, Lyft and DoorDash have successfully obtained the CA vote to retain their workers as independent contractors, but they conceded to providing some “employee” benefits to obtain this milestone vote. This may be the beginning of a new model for independent contractor talent hiring in the growing gig ecosystem.  

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SEC to Expand Crowdfunding Investment Pool

The SEC recently voted to expand its mission to help small business fundraise in private markets by increasing the threshold crowdfunding amount to $5M and the amounts that the non-accredited can invest.  This new access is expected to boost entrepreneurship, now ever more present in our new normal of COVID-19.  

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Debt of Single Asset Real Estate entity blows Subchapter V Eligibility

A recent bankruptcy court decision has found the debt of an affiliate that is ineligible to file for Subchapter V to be included in the $7.5M threshold for eligibility (and post-CARES Act, a $2.7M threshold).  In this case, the affiliate was a single asset real estate entity.  This decision appears counterintuitive.  Stay tuned for an appeal?  

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