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Critical Legal Concerns Facing Entrepreneurs

Carolyn teaches her 3rd CLE course at Jenkins Law Library


In November of this year, Carolyn was invited back to Jenkins Law Library to teach her third CLE.  Jenkins has the distinct honor of being America's first and oldest law library.  Founded in 1802 in a small room in Independence Hall in Philadelphia, the Law Library Company of the City of Philadelphia was formed by a group of lawyers who set out to provide legal information for the growing law community in the City.  Carolyn’s lecture covered the 5 key legal concerns facing entrepreneurs, namely 1) choice of state and favorable laws, 2) choice of entity with an eye toward tax, financing and limited liability issues, 3) how to finance the business with seed, angel, vc, crowdfunding, credit card, peer to peer or other options, 4) choice of branding, including entity name, tagline, logo and domain name, and 5) how to obtain and maintain the rights to own and license the company’s intellectual property.  To view the slides of this CLE, please click here, and to view a video recording, please click here.