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What’s new in Cryptocurrency?

Bitcoin Mining Pioneer GigaWatt Seeks Bankruptcy Protection

Bitcoin mining pioneer, GigaWatt, seeks Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in Spokane, Washington.  The filing is the latest twist in an entrepreneurial saga stretching back to the early days of bitcoin and may be connected to efforts by three of the company’s majority shareholders to sell GigaWatt.  One of its co-founders, David Carlson, a former Microsoft…

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How can blockchain help with day-to-day business, consumer and government operations?

Blockchain is an innovative mechanism that has many societal uses and has already been benefitting private business and government.  Supply chain management, Stock issuance, Overseas welfare distribution, Micro-Bond borrowing and more are all made more efficient, secure and trustworthy in execution by this technology.  Please see the following article by Kevin Werbach of Wharton’s Legal…

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Cryptocurrency Demystified!

As blockchain and cryptocurrency gain traction in our ecosystem, there are many uses and adaptations in all areas of commerce and other fields that are growing in scalability.  For an on-target overview of this space, please consult the following article.

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