E. Carolyn Hochstadter Dicker

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1528 Walnut Street, Suite 511
Philadelphia, PA 19102

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21 North Drive
Great Neck, NY 11021

Voice: 609-315-2787 | Fax: 610-668-1570

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  • Jefferson Innovation Engagement Speaker Series: Legal Challenges of Early Stage Start-ups, Thomas Jefferson University, November 23, 2015 (View Details)

  • Legal Aspects of Entrepreneurship: A Survey of Basic Start-Up Issues, Jenkins Law Library, October 2015 (View Details)

    • “Your presentation at the seminar was terrific and the related materials are first-rate. Thank you! I wish the coverage of the SEC provisions I suffered through in law school had been half as clear, concise, and practical as your presentation was. Bravo!”
           Aaron T. Kanar, Esq. L.L.C.
    • "Good starting points if you wanted to start a small business."
  • Defending Homeowner’s Rights in the Court of Common Pleas

    Carolyn Hochstadter is featured with the former Judge Annette Rizzo in a video defending a homeowner in the Court of Common Pleas as part of Philadelphia's Mortgage Foreclosure Conciliation Program. The goal of this program is for homeowners and lenders to work together through a mediation process to avoid foreclosure and maintain their respective homes and loans through modification of the loan terms and/or alternative creative solutions. The process provides the homeowner with a pro bono team of professionals, consisting of a housing counselor and an attorney. These individuals work together with the lender and collaborate to achieve a win-win solution for all parties. The program has served as a model for other Foreclosure Mediation programs, including those in New Jersey and New York.

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